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sales promotion

sales promotion lived

We emphasize the importance of personal consultation

We orchestrate staff-assisted sales promotion at the POS (Point of Sale) in the most influential retailers and the largest shopping centers in Switzerland. Whether long-term sales promotion through expert advice or targeted, seasonal sales stimulation, as sales specialists we do everything we can to lead your brands and products to sales success.

Range of services

  • Sales training
  • Sales staffing
  • Sales Promotion
  • Expert advice
  • Product demonstrations
  • Instore activation
  • Outsourcing Sales Force
  • Digital Promotion
  • Sales promotion
  • Mystery Shopping

Targeted recruitment and personnel development

We recruit with the utmost care, nurture and develop our sales staff to best prepare them to increase their brand presence and sales at the point of sale. In the intense competitive environment, methods and expertise are needed, like emotional intelligence, to stand out from the competition. Our sales consultants, are specifically trained and continuously developed with close coaching.

Experienced planning and segmentation

We know the market-specific requirements of the Swiss retail landscape and achieve targeted and demand-oriented activation. The key is the continuous review of sales potential at site level. The combination of many years of experience with the evaluation of current sales results as well as mystery shopping and survey results allows targeted deployment planning and efficient segmentation.

Your benefit - our recipe for success

Successful sales promotion depends on numerous factors. A well-founded POS selection, taking into account location, customer and market potentials, as well as the deployment of expert personnel, to name a few. We take all of these into account and use our many years of experience to develop the best possible basis for successful sales growth. The achievement of a perfect set-up and harmonization of all success factors is a high art. The use of efficient processes and a trained eye for detail are the basis of effective quality assurance.

Our customer portal
your "all-in-one" interface

The measurement of success on a daily basis by means of our sales app enables a timely adjustment and optimization of ongoing measures and efficient project management. The recorded results flow into reports and dashboards which are individualized according to customer needs. This quantitative and qualitative success control and transparent monitoring is available 24/7 on the customer portal.

Success factors

  • Detailed knowledge of the retail landscape
  • Skilled POS selection and segmentation
  • Recruiting professional specialists
  • Compilation of a handpicked pool of employees per customer
  • All-encompassing control and reporting through dedicated software solution
  • Flexible visit reports, questionnaires and surveys
  • Briefing and training as well as equipment of the sales forces

Would you like to learn more?

Contact us without obligation for a consultation to optimize your sales promotion.